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LOMAS: the roots

LOMAS Family Tree
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This LOMAS Family Tree currently numbers 973 people and goes back to around 1550. The data shown is based on a gedcom file dated 1 February 2024. This tree can also be seen on Ancestry, but you will need an Ancestry account to view this.


The name Lomas is very well established in Derbyshire, especially in the Chapel-en-le-Frith area, where there have been Lomas families recorded since 1432. In nearby Lancashire, in the area near Bury, the name was recorded even earlier, starting in 1210. Apart from these Lancashire and Derbyshire Lomases, there are no other examples of the name anywhere in England before 1496.

So what does the name mean and where did it originate?

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"My" branch of the Lomas family first appeared in Hellidon, Northamptonshire in 1644. There is no solid connection between this family and those in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Bury except for the name (variously Lummas and Lomas). It is though entirely feasible that the Northants branch originated in either Lancashire or Derbyshire between 1496 (when the Lomas name started to appear outside of Lancashire and Derbyshire) and 1644 (when the Lomas family first appeared in Hellidon).

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In 1644, Thomas Lummas and his wife Anne started having children in Hellidon, Northants and I am descended from them. We do not know where they came from. In 1676 the family moved to Brington, where they worked on the lands of the Spencer family in Althorp. Subsequently they moved to Staverton in 1724, then back to Hellidon in 1798, before settling in Grandborough, Warwickshire around 1823. With the development of the railways, my great-grandfather John Lomas moved to Derby in 1876.

The family name was Lummas until the marriage of John Lummas in 1823, when it became Lomas. Previously, it had been variously Lummas, Lumas, Lomas, Lommas, Lomes and Lummos!

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Up to today, 13 generations, each carrying the Lomas / Lummas name, have been documented, starting from Thomas Lummas born in the 1620s, my 9th great-grandfather. Starting instead with Mary Ann Turner, my great-grandmother born in 1853, we can go back to the year 1550, to Henrici Motteram, my 11th great-grandfather.

The table below shows approximately where this part of the Lomas family have lived over the years. Most of the links are clickable, and link to my Webtrees representation of the Lomas family.

Period Where Who
After 1971 Ivrea (Northern Italy) John Lomas
After 1962 Long Eaton (Derbyshire) Harry Lomas b1888; Walter Lomas b1920; John Lomas
1877-1962 Derby John Lomas b1854; Harry Lomas b1888; Walter Lomas b1920; John Lomas
1823-1877 Grandborough (Warwicks) John Lummas b1799; Richard Lomas b1823; John Lomas b1854
1723-1823 Hellidon-Staverton (Northants) John Lummas b1702; Thomas Lummas b1724; Thomas Lummas b1768; John Lummas b1799
1676-1723 Brington (Northants) Thomas Lummas b1646, John Lummas b1675, John Lummas b1702
1644-1676 Hellidon (Northants) Thomas Lummas b1620, Thomas Lummas b1646


John Lomas
1 February 2024